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workplace mental health has never been so important.

The Workplace Mental Health Forum is a successful and dynamic collaboration between a range of agencies and companies working to improve mental health within the community's workplaces.

Formerly known as the Business Forum on Mental Health, it was established in 2009 to highlight the importance of mentally-healthy workplaces and processes and to provide access to tools and resources to assist businesses, employees and the community to achieve that goal.

The December report for 2018 can be accessed HERE

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Our goals are two fold: to increase understanding and reduce stigma for anyone suffering mental illness in the workplace, and to ensure every workplace supports mental well-being. That means increasing mentally healthy practices, and eliminating practices that cause harm.

About our members.

Our members include health professionals and individuals from those workplaces within the Nelson Tasman region who are able to positively influence change to improve mental health within the workplace.

We meet regularly at networking forums and hold public events to raise awareness of the issues surrounding mental health and wellness in the workplace. Recent topics have included resilience at work, and how to eliminate workplace bullying.

We also run a Facebook group to keep members up to date and share relevant information.

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